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about our company


With a team of experienced professionals, The Good Garden Company will work with you to create a garden that is a fresh and beautiful extension of your home.

  • We design with the mindset to create a garden that will last and keep bringing you joy through all seasons.
  • We maintain and care for your garden so that it will grow richer and stronger every year.
  • We build and landscape with efficiency, producing a high quality finished product for you to enjoy.

Whether you require one of these services or all three, The Good Dana Company will meet your needs at any stage.

Everything You Need

We Provide All The Services You Need To Grow

  • Lawn & Garden Care
  • Spring & Fall Clean
  • Soil Preparation
  • Nursery Maintenance
  • Trimming & Plumbing


Remove Leaves and Branches


Creating your idea garden


formative garden care all year round

Pruning Plants

including branches, buds, leaves, blooms and roots.


quality constriction and garden development

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